Store Sales

McCartneys hold regular store cattle and sheep sales at our markets at Ludlow, Worcester, Kington, Knighton and Brecon. Catalogues for these sales are normally made available for download from this site a few days prior to the sale.

Weekly Auction Programme

The following table shows the frequency and location of McCartneys livestock sales. You can download our calendar for specific dates.

Key: W=Weekly, F=Fortnightly, M=Monthly

Prime Cattle       Mon (W) Weds (W)
Prime Sheep Tue (W) Thu (W) Thu (W) Mon (W) Weds (W)
Store/Breeding Cattle Thu & Fri (M) Tue (M) Fri (F) Fri (F) Sat (F)
Store/Breeding Sheep       Fri (F) Sat (F)
Cull Ewes/Rams Tue (W) Thu (W) Thu (W) Mon (W) Weds (W)
Calves & Weanlings Thu (M)     Fri (F) Sat (F)
Over Thirty Month Scheme Weds (W) Thu (W) Thu (W) Mon (W) Weds (W)


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