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Aberdeen Angus Sale Report

Sat 31 July 2021

The top call was made by Vaughan Farm Ltd, Leominster, Herefordshire for Nightingale Kristina T936 a second calver by Fordel Parthenon Minotaur with a May born bull calf at foot by Drumhill Lord Hampton. The purchasers establishing an Angus Herd to join their many farming enterprises in Herefordshire. They made further purchases at 5,200gns for Nightingale Princess L582, a 10-year-old regular breeding cow combining American and Canadian blood with a bull calf at foot by Nightingale Madison Boy and back in calf to Drumhill Lord Hampton and, 4,700gns for Nightingale Kristina U985, another second calver with bull calf at foot and full sister to the 7,000gns Kristina T936.

Aberdeen Angus Sale Report 31 07 21

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