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Brecon Market Store Sale Report 25 05 18 & Fatstock 29 05 18

Tue 29 May 2018

A fantastic entry of cattle for May was met with another flying trade which far exceeded the reported trade from several other centres. Strong contingents of buyers were in attendance from Yorkshire and the West Country and they had come for cattle.

The best quality young steers would have exceeded 250p/kg all day and enjoyed a premium trade while there was an excellent show of strong cattle that were encouraging to see and these topped at £1490 for steers and £1470 for heifers which all came from H Tudor, Tynberllan who had a wonderful show of strong cattle, some over 600kg which would have averaged over £1300 (heifers & steers) on 26 tremendous types.

However the pen of the day came from Messrs D C Rees, Pencrug who had 69 store cattle in the sale 12-13 months being heifers and steers to average £1067 while Messrs Rees Bros, Penanty (Unrelated) had 38 similar cattle although younger and these topped at £3p/kg to average 260p/kg to confirm the excellent trade we had for these quality types. Also some strong stores from Messrs James, Penrhiwgoch were well sold to average £1265 on another very good run of quality cattle (241p/kg). This year we have seen more buyers travelling greater distances to buy cattle of all types from Brecon and we do desperately need more cattle to maintain this strong supports at every sale in Brecon. The general trade was as follows: steers topped at £1490 and £3p/kg to average £1078 (238p/kg) heifers topped at £1470 and 3.30p/kg to average £972 (227p/kg)

Brecon Cattle Sale Report 25 05 18 & Fatstock 29 05 18.pdf
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