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Buyers are Waiting for Your Property

Wed 18 January 2017

Thinking about waiting till the Spring to sell your home?  Well you’re not alone, many people think the winter isn’t a great time to sell but that’s become something of a myth in the last few years.

In fact demand is currently outstripping supply, in other words we have more people looking for a home than we have homes to sell.

Over the past few months we’ve had dozens of properties sell quickly, some in as little as a few weeks, some in less than a week but lots and lots in under a month.  The price between £150,000 and £250,000 is particularly buoyant and if you think no one looks like they are selling in your area (and therefore won’t be buying something else), it might surprise you to know over three quarters of the enquiries we get are from out of the area.

Unless you have a crystal ball no one can predict the market.  With the potential for volatility in the markets triggered by Article 50, if it happens at the end of March, now could very well be the best time to think about selling your current property.

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