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Can You Repeat That Please?

Fri 22 June 2018

I have been astonished just lately by the amount of repeat business that I seem to be picking up. Either from clients whom I have sold property for in years gone by, previous purchasers who have bought from me and now wish to move on again and indeed new clients to whom my services have been recommended by others.

Far from an article designed to blow my own trumpet, this is more so aimed as a thank you to those loyal clients who have tried, tested and trusted McCartneys and continue to do so time and time again and to those who perhaps do not require our services at present but have very kindly shared their positive experiences with McCartneys and encouraged others to give us a try.

All too often estate agents get bad press, particularly now with so many new, hybrid and online agents coming into the market place and sadly, success stories are often lost among the plethora of negativity aimed at estate agents.

Of course, we do not always get things right, we are after all only human, but we do constantly strive to provide the very best experience that we possibly can for our clients and to get them the very best results. The fact that we are only human is actually one of our wonderful strengths. Buying and selling property is still an incredibly personal experience so having good, professional, personable people assisting you with the process is still so incredibly important for so many.

So, thank you to everyone who has used our services in days, weeks, months and years gone by and thank you for coming back to us time and time again. In anticipation, a huge thank you also to new clients who will experience our unrivalled estate agency offering, our heritage and our wonderful people.


Tom Carter

Property Chairman


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