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Changes to Permitted Development Rights for Agricultural Buildings

Mon 12 March 2018

New legislation due to come into effect on the 6th April 2018 will relax the permitted development rights for agricultural buildings and increase the range of potential development opportunities.

The key points identified from the new rules include:

An increase in the size of new agricultural buildings from a maximum of 465 sq m to a maximum of 1000 sq m.
Changes to the rights for the conversion of agricultural buildings to residential use to allow

  • Up to 3 larger homes of 465 sq m each, or
  • Up to 5 homes of up to 100 sq m each, or
  • A mix of larger and smaller homes, up to a maximum of 5 units with a maximum of 3 larger homes (max 465 sq m each)

A one year extension to the temporary permitted development right to convert storage and distribution buildings to residential use.

This shows a key emphasis on both allowing farmers to build larger farm buildings under permitted development rules, whilst also encouraging the conversion of existing suitable farm buildings into dwellings. Whilst changes to documents are proposed there are still strict requirements to be met, particularly regarding the conversion of agricultural buildings to dwellings and different local planning offices still interpret those in their own way.

For further information or to discuss any projects relating to the change of agricultural buildings to dwellings please contact your local McCartneys Planning and Surveying Department

Geraint Jones BSc(Hons) MRICS - Kington Planning and Surveying Department

Tel: 01544 230316 or email

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