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Countryside Stewardship in England

Mon 20 April 2020

McCartneys are the agent of choice when it comes to Countryside Stewardship. Our grants team have extensive expertise in submitting applications and have successfully secured millions of pounds of grant funding for our clients across the West Midlands.

Plenty is on offer at present in England including;

Hedgerow & Boundaries Grant
A grant of up to £10,000 to restore existing farm boundaries and hedgerows on their land. Items include Hedgerow laying (£9.40/m), Hedgerow gapping up (£9.50/m)
⏰ Application deadline 1st May 2020

Higher Tier
Higher Tier provides grant payments to support the most environmentally significant sites. A five year scheme (some options longer) with over 125 management options and over 110 capital items to choose from.
⏰ Application deadline 1st May 2020

Mid Tier
A five year scheme with over 75 management options and over 65 capital items to choose from. Annual payments of up to £640/ha.
In addition, capital items are available including farmyard concreting, covered manure stores and livestock handling buildings, planting new hedges, wooden field gates and planting fruit trees etc. Farmers can apply for an unlimited amount of capital works, subject to Catchment Sensitive Farming Officer (CSFO) approval.
⏰CSFO Approval & certain options deadline 31st May 2020
⏰Application pack request deadline 30th June 2020
⏰Application submission deadline 31st July 2020

Water Capital Grants
A grant of up to £10,000 worth of capital items. There are over 40 capital items available including concreting of farmyards, yard drainage, livestock handling buildings and covered manure stores etc. Some items require CSFO approval.
⏰CSFO Approval deadline 31st May 2020
⏰Application pack request deadline 30th June 2020
⏰Application submission deadline 31st July 2020

Woodland support
A range of woodland support grants are available all year round. The woodland creation grant provides funding to plant new trees with payments of up to £6,800/ha, with ongoing maintenance payments of £200/ha for 10 years.
To be eligible, a minimum of 3ha must be planted with a minimum of 400trees/ha of predominantly native trees. As well as funding for the trees themselves, additional capital items such as fencing and gates can be applied for.
⏰ Available all year round

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