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Creative Collaboration Between Seller and Agent

Tue 15 March 2016

In a fast-changing world, the vendors of Highclere in Newtown, Powys have taken a new approach to selling their five-bedroom house. Working with McCartneys to take advantage of premium marketing under the Fine & Country brand, they’ve also chosen to set up a Facebook page for their property to help convey a sense of lifestyle.

So much of the selection process now occurs online, it makes sense to provide as much insight into a property as possible over the internet. Close collaboration between the vendors and the team at McCartneys has enabled this innovative approach to promoting the property. It gives the best chances of connecting the property with someone looking for the unique features that Highclere offers: a spacious riverside retreat set in ¾ of an acre of grounds, boasting fishing rights from a private jetty and a unique combination of woodland and fine lawn area, and all within walking distance of the town centre. Combine that with a spacious five-bedroom family home, and you have a property with lots to talk about.

“We thought that promotion on Facebook would give the opportunity to post updates and give potential buyers a sense of the actual lifestyle that Highclere offers”, Rob (vendor) commented. “The guys at McCartneys were really supportive of the idea. We’ve been so happy at Highclere that we’d like to think that another family could enjoy the fun it offers to adults and children alike. It’s difficult to convey that in one set of static photos; Facebook allows you to convey things as they occur. We haven’t managed many posts yet but we’re going to add more over the coming weeks – my ambition is to capture a video of the woodpecker at the bird-feeding station, because that’s a beautiful sight.”

Please click on this link Highclere Facebook Page to view and follow the updates of Rob and his family.

For more detailed information or to book a viewing at Highclere please contact Tom Carter on 01686 623123 or

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