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Don’t Believe Everything You Read & Hear!

Wed 20 February 2019

Much of the press I have been reading or listening to over recent weeks and the doom and gloom surrounding Brexit paints a very sad and depressing picture of the property market with a suggestion of a lack of sales and some prices having to be dropped significantly. However, this is something I really feel isn’t true and attending our property manager’s meeting this week, I feel we are actually experiencing quite the opposite in the area we cover.

The vast majority of our offices have plenty of ready, willing and able buyers waiting to find their forever home but there is a lack of new properties coming to the open market. Yes, other parts of the UK may be finding the market tougher than we have experienced in recent years but I can honestly say the market is extremely strong in our area and it is a very good time to sell, certainly in the Welshpool area. To put our experience of 2019 into figures, and at the time of writing, the Welshpool office have already agreed sales on 60% of the new properties we have listed so far in 2019 with 33% of these sales going for over the asking price. This proves the buyers are there and ready to purchase, so providing the price and marketing are right, there is no reason why your property won’t sell quickly in February or March with buyers willing to compete against one another for the right property, even at this time of year. There is a very common misconception that the property market isn’t as strong in the winter months so marketing in spring or summer will help you achieve a better result. This isn’t always true. I feel there is a huge benefit putting your property on the market at this time of year as firstly, there is a lack of property on the market so there is less choice for buyers which increases your chance of selling, secondly, the quality of viewer is much stronger as you can be sure if someone is looking at a property on a cold winters day then they are very serious about moving, and thirdly, if you do market in the early months of the year then there is every chance you could be sold and moved by Easter, meaning you have all of the summer to enjoy in your new home.

None of us can guarantee what the future holds but something we can be sure of is what is happening within the market now, and there is a severe lack of available properties in all areas we cover so if you are serious about selling your property this year, then I would suggest marketing sooner rather than later. If you would like to sell, please contact your local McCartneys office and arrange for one of our professional and qualified staff to visit your home and discuss the variety of services we offer.


Jamie Tulloch

Partner, Welshpool Office (01938) 531000
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