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Wed 30 October 2013

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Whilst wartime activities produced numerous successes over the enemy the local property market continued to operate, particularly through Phipps & Pritchard Auction activity.  Sales generally throughout the year were held at the Lion Hotel, unusually commencing at 7pm and in January, 70 people attended. 9 Yew Tree Road was sold at a figure of £770 comprising a four bedroomed villa residence, a feature being the “Scullery with sink, soft water pump and gas cooker”.  The property was sold after an opening bid of £400 and the successful 12th bid being that of the purchaser.  At the same sale four “Desirable” dwelling houses known as 133, 133a, 134 and 134a Baxter Avenue sold, the achieved figure being £725.

In February 40 people attended the sale where 54 Wyre Hill, Bewdley, after very keen competition, achieved £520, 55 Wyre Hill sold at £290.

In March about 18 people attended a five lot sale, dwelling houses including 2-5 Arch Hill Square and 6 Arch Hill Court – a further seven properties in Alma Terrace, Bennett Street were also offered and sold, prices achieved being £690 and £1,450 respectively.

Various investment properties were offered at the April sale and 70 bidders were present.  Addresses were Yew Tree House, Lorne Street – withdrawn at £1,800 ; 1 Yew Tree Road sold at £310, 50 Leswell Lane went under the hammer at £790 and £650 was paid for 1, 2 and 3 Quarry Bank, Hartlebury.  Other properties included those in Wolverhampton Road, Waterloo Street and Castle Road.  At the same sale, 16 and 17 Edward Street were knocked down at £225 and five freehold dwelling houses in Waterloo Street and Silver Street producing £49 16s 8d per annum sold for £165.

A later sale in April offered a Builders and Decorators offices, show room and stores at Stourport Road/Larches Road, Kidderminster and after considerable interest, a price of £1,450 was achieved.  The purchaser being recorded as being Mr. Ryder.  The advertisements included “the goodwill of the Builders and Decorators business and the purchaser having the option of taking over at controlled prices the stock of used and un-used timber”!

Just as we were completing the Dambuster Raids, in May, the mammoth sale of 18 Lots including 55 properties was held, again at the Lion Hotel ; results too numerous to mention herein but, as an example, Lot 19 comprised of 7 dwelling houses in Lion Yard and Lion Hill, number 2 being void, the others Let. These achieved £360.  An interesting address of 19-23 Brussells Street and 10 and 11 Park Street were also offered, being Lot 16, selling for a £900 result (anyone know where Brussels Street was?).

Obviously setting a trend for future sales, in July 58 properties were offered for sale in 20 Lots.  Lot 1 comprised building land and residential property – The Lakes Estate, Franche Road, Kidderminster, containing 8 acres, 2 roods and 26 perches ; the general layout plan for development having been approved by the Kidderminster Town Council. This building land realised £3,900!

The Newlands at Franche Road fetched £2,800 including 3 acres 2 roods and 15 perches and a piece of “Ripe” freehold building land in Chester Road South sold for £95.  This had a frontage of 33 feet and an area 717 square yards.  Various residential dwellings were offered and sold ; a villa residence at Chester Road achieved £775.  Lot 2, 13 dwellings houses in Court Hall Street sold for £800 ; five dwelling houses at 411-414 Hurcott Road and number 5 Back of 413 Hurcott Road sold for £870.  £1,550 was the price paid for 11 dwelling houses in Mount Pleasant and Duke Place, these dwellings producing £174 12s 8d per annum.  A 3-storey warehouse factory large yard office and store rooms, together with two cottages in Orchard Street, Kidderminster, were knocked down at £2,500.

There was a break in August but in September 170 people attended the Lion Hotel, 19 lots successfully sold, mainly comprising lots of investment cottages, one or two detached dwellings, building land and a country cottage at Podmore, Hartlebury.

In November just as our troops were rehearsing for the Normandy Landings in Devon,1 Imperial Avenue, Kidderminster, a 4-bedroomed dwelling with “a good dry airy cellar” as a feature sold for £1,100.  11 Manor Avenue – this one having two “good cellars, pantry, wc and coal house” almost matched the previous lot at £1,070 – this lot included “the electric light fittings, curtain fittings and modern Regulo New World gas stove”.

Perhaps December 1943 was not a popular month, 1 person reported present at an auction sale, this time held at the Swan Hotel, Stourport on Severn when 2 Bewdley Road, Stourport was sold, being 5 bedroomed and leasehold, sold for £400.

Footnote: I am told by my colleague, Richard Cory, that his father was a part time fireman during the War and, as a Partner of Phipps & Pritchard, conducted sales whenever his wartime duties permitted.

Look out for further features from archives in future editions.

Christopher J. Smith, FRICS
Phipps & Pritchard with McCartneys

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