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Have You Thought about Applying for a Grant?

Thu 7 February 2019

Are you looking to apply for a grant or enrol in a scheme, then give one of our Rural Professional experts a call below, to find out how we can help?

If you’re already applying or interested in a scheme then don’t miss out by checking out the list of application dates for some key schemes below.

·         BPS 2019 Online Applications - available from 13th March 2019. Application submission deadline 15th May 2019

·         BPS 2019 online entitlements and land transfers - Complete transfers by 15th May 2019 (England) or 30th April 2019 (Wales)

·         CS 2019 Four Wildlife Offers - online applications from 18th February 2019 - apply by 31st July 2019

·         CS 2019 Mid Tier - application requests from 18th February 2019 (application pack request deadline 31st May 2019) - apply by 31st July 2019

·         Hedgerows and Boundaries Capital Grants 2019 applications - available from 18th February 2019 - apply by 30th April 2019.

Please contact our agents as soon as possible if you are interested in Mid Tier or the Hedgerows and Boundaries Scheme so we can order a pack:

Kington Office - Beth Hanson / Amelia Crofts-Hill -01544230316

Knighton Office - Katie Davies / Jenny Layton Mills - 01547528621

Craven Arms - Jo Wall - 01588672385

Ludlow / Worcester - Jo Wall / Phillip Blackman Howard - 01584 872251
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