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Hedgerow Removal Notification Approved near to Newtown

Mon 22 February 2021

McCartneys LLP planning and survey department have obtained consent for a Hedgerow Removal Notification in a rural location near to NewtownHedgerow Image

This was one of the more unusual applications, a client with dual access to their site had limited visibility from both, onto the single track road network. This application sought approval to translocate the existing hedgerow back to provide improved visibility.

As part of the proposal a total of 124.5m of hedgerow would be translocated, with no loss of any existing hedgerow. The proposal provides a vast improvement to the existing visibility for both the visitors to the site but also the general road users in the area.

Due to the nature of the application and the details provided the application was approved by Powys County Council and the works have been undertaken by the client outside of the bird nesting season.

The application was undertaken and submitted to the council by Geraint Jones working from the Newtown Office of McCartneys. If you have any projects which you would like to discuss further then please contact Geraint on 01686 623123 or
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