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Home Is?? … Compulsory

Fri 17 April 2020

Over the last few months here at McCartneys we have been featuring news items on what home means to us all.
We are now into week four of the Coronavirus lockdown meaning home is where we all need to stay. We know the advice - Stay at Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

So, what home may have meant to us before the outbreak is probably different to how it feels now. Home has become compulsory and we are all trying to adapt to the new normal. Some of us are working from home, some unable to, some trying to ensure locked-in children are still studying and getting the homework in on time. For some of us it has been an opportunity to do all those jobs we never get round to, some of us are lucky enough to have gardens and have been able to enjoy the lovely weather.

For those who were/are thinking of moving, will our priorities be different?

Even though our offices have been forced to close we are still able to showcase our properties online. With virtual tours, excellent photography and floor plans even though you can’t view in person at the moment you are certainly able to shortlist those homes which could be suitable. Whether it’s a home office you are now looking for, a larger garden, a smaller garden if it has got too much!  or a quiet room to escape to when the family dynamic becomes a little overbearing you can begin your search now.

Our job is to match people to property so if your priorities have changed let us know and we can make sure that when we come out of this, we can find the perfect home for you. You can view all of our properties on our website. Call your local office for advice to update your requirements, and when we are able, we can arrange a viewing and help you find your next dream home.

If you haven’t seen a virtual tour before here’s a link to a lovely house we have for sale in Lower Broad Street in Ludlow.

Give it a try!! If you are thinking of selling then please do call and we can ensure that your property gets the online exposure it deserves.

If you are looking for a new home to rent, we have some lovely property ready for when the lockdown is over so please call and register your requirements.

And for me, I won’t be looking for a home office, I’d much rather be where I feel at home, which is in Ludlow office, with my colleagues, at my desk, doing a job I love. But in the meantime, I will stay home as we all must, to protect the NHS and to Save Lives.

See you on the other side! Debbie.

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