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Home Is.... Where the Cows Are

Tue 24 September 2019

Ebony Shuker is one of the team from the Newtown Office. Whilst her days at work revolve around property in the residential department, her home definitely fits in with the rural department. 

“I live on a farm just outside of Welshpool. At home, my life seems to revolve around farming, the cows and my partner. If I think about home, it wouldn’t be complete without the cows. 

When I get back from work, it’s time to kick off the office heels and put on my wellies. I go to the field and call the cows, to see them running towards me is always a welcome sight. You certainly know if they haven’t been fed on time with the constant mooing!

We farm Aberdeen Angus x Hereford cattle, for beef, and currently have approximately one hundred cows. We’ve had around thirty of them from four months old and have cared for them for the last ten months. Unfortunately they will be ready to leave us soon, but there are fifty slightly younger ones who will be with us for a while longer.

My favourites are the adorable four month old calves, they are so affectionate.
One of the best feelings is definitely letting the cows out for the first time after the long winter inside, watching them leap around like lambs is wonderful. 
After going on any trip away, the green fields are the first sign that we’re getting closer, but it’s those noisy, funny lumbering animals that really make it. For me, home is definitely where the cows are”.

Ebony Shuker
Newtown (01686 623123)

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