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Home Is... Where the Food Is

Fri 22 November 2019

Jamie Tulloch is one of our partners at McCartneys and is based at our Welshpool property office.

I feel I am extremely lucky to live where I do, not only for the stunning countryside and wonderful market towns in our area, but also for the superb local produce that our area produces.

I have lived in the area all of my life and one of my great joys is visiting various local restaurant’s and experiencing the delicious food they have to offer. The McCartneys area as a whole has so much to offer from this point of view, with the wonderful Checkers restaurant in Montgomery down to The Oak in Wigmore in North Herefordshire, not to mention all the marvellous restaurant’s Ludlow has to offer, and this is only naming a few. The great thing living where I do is there are so many options for eating first class food and what is even more important is most of the local restaurant’s use the superb locally produced supplies, which also supports the local community. I like to eat out as much as I can and having such a wide choice of top-quality establishments to choose from is a real treat.

My love for food doesn’t stop there, I am also a very keen cook, I always have been. I used to help my Mum when I was younger, providing I wasn’t out kicking a football, helping prepare the main meal of the day on a Saturday or Sunday. I’ve had a love for cooking ever since then and I always try to challenge myself with new recipes whenever I get the chance, which is normally at weekends. Looking in the cupboards and deciding what meal I am going to cook for me and my wife is normally the first thing I do when I get home each night and that is why for me, home is where the food is.

Jamie Tulloch, Partner
Welshpool (01938 531000)
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