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Home Is Where the Hills Are

Fri 20 September 2019

I was lucky enough to grow up on the side of Moel Y Golfa, one of the Breidden Hills, the first group of peaks in Mid Wales when travelling in from Shropshire. As a child I of course did not fully appreciate how special this was. My play grounds were the fields, woods and scree slopes on these beautiful mountains and many an adventure was had! As I grew a little older, I started to understand what an amazing place it was and the view from my bedroom window, looking out over the Severn valley and to more of the Mid Wales hills and mountains was something that I treasured every morning.

It is probably down to those early days that I now love walking and trekking on hills and mountains whenever I get a chance, and what better place than Mid and North Wales.

There is something very special about the Mid Wales hills and even now whenever I’ve been away and I’m travelling back, there is a particular view from the M54 as you come over a crest in the road and there in front of you are the Breiddens, “my hills!” It’s at that point in any journey that I know I’m home. 

Home is definitely where the hills are!

Pictured above is McCartneys Property Chairman Tom Carter, from our Welshpool office (01938 531000).
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