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Home Is… Where the Music Is.

Mon 21 October 2019

I’ve always loved music, but it wasn't until I was 8 years old and saw someone beating the living daylights out of the drums that I knew that I wanted to make some myself.

However despite the drums sparking my interest, (to the delight of my parents), it was the guitar that ended up becoming the instrument that I loved.

I started playing around the time I turned 10 and over the next few years practiced everywhere and anywhere. Countless hours were spent keeping my family awake at home, eventually being thrown out to practice in garages and at friends’ houses - where we’d play something that vaguely resembled the music we loved. From there came the bands and stage performances, passing grade 8 along the way when I was 13.

That continued all the way through school, to college and into university. Music was always a massive part of whatever I did, not just playing the guitar but going to live performances, making new friends or just being the soundtrack to the experiences we had. However, whether it was just jamming with friends, playing at parties or recording in the studio, the guitar was never far away.

Although my uni days are long behind me and I may not pick up it up often as I used to, whenever I take a few minutes to pick the guitar back up and play, I know that home is definitely where the music is.

Jake Best
Newtown (01686 623123)

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