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Home Is.... Wherever We Build It

Wed 26 February 2020

Hayley Bright is a Secretary for the Livestock & Rural Professional Department in Knighton and has kindly shared what Home is to her.

Growing up in the countryside on a farm was the best childhood ever. I have such fond memories of helping my dad feed the cows and sheep. Dad would get me to climb up into the trailers to shovel the loose feed down to the hatch.  I was always worried about ‘meeting’ a rat hiding amongst it.

Me and my then Fiancé had the opportunity to buy a plot of land in the middle of Knighton when we were 24, it was too good a chance to miss as plots were few and far between. Having a Building Site Manager as your Fiancé had its advantages, and the building process ran smoothly, finally moving into our home in time for Christmas in 1997.  Three years later we married and had our first child on the way, my husband’s promotion opportunity meant that we moved to Yorkshire. We rented a house on the outskirts of Wakefield; it couldn’t have been further from the childhood countryside views. We could see the M1 from our bedroom window.

2001 brought the opportunity to start up our own building company back in Knighton, and D J Bright (Building Contractors) Ltd was born.   Perfect timing as I had left my previous employment to have our baby and move north, so I became a stay-at-home mum with a new business to do the accounting for.

As our family and business grew, we then had the opportunity to purchase a field of 4 plots on the outskirts of Knighton. We again grabbed the opportunity, and in 2011 we moved into our present, forever home. A perfect location on the outskirts of the town, but with the countryside views of childhood memories - whatever the weather I’ll never stop loving this view.

My home is.... wherever we build it.

Hayley Bright
Knighton (01547 528621​​​​​​​)

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