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How Soon We Forget!

Fri 11 May 2018

As we all enjoy the fine weather of late, it is easy to forget that only about 8 weeks ago we were enduring a long hard winter and there was no sign of Spring.


On my travels of late when I have visited many farms to complete the annual stock taking valuation it is mostly the same story. The barns are empty – fodder reserves have been used up and several farms have had to rely on the support and help of neighbours to get through a long cold wet winter.

Community spirit is alive and well on the Welsh borders and for that we should be thankful.  However I am sure that some farmers have had such a tough time that if they are in their twilight years then they may decide to finally retire. Livestock rearing in an upland area has to be a business but to be successful it also has to be a vocation. As they say it’s tough at the top!

Glyn Owens, Knighton (01547 528621) 

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