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How Tech Can Help You!

Mon 15 October 2018

Technology has been around for donkey’s years and has been helping man kind in many ways from mass scale production to personal entertainment. Each year we find technologies getting refined and improved and every once in a while, something new and innovative pops onto the market, like the new influx of personal assistants being offered from companies like Google and Amazon.


These little devices are great for streamlining your everyday life as you can get them to control parts of your house from the heating to the lights all by a simple voice command. Their most useful purpose is probably being your personal assistant and making sure you don’t forget to do particular tasks.

Other great technologies are ones like augmented reality. While the technology has been around for a while, it is constantly being improved on. Apple at their latest release of the new iPhone models did a whole segment on augmented reality and how they have managed to improve its performance. Some of you might be reading this and thinking wow that’s great but what the heck is augmented reality and how can it help me? Well let me explain, augmented reality is a method of superimposing a digital image via a device, such as a smartphone, onto a live view of the real world. Now you know what it is, how can it help you? Augmented reality is a great way of virtually visualising something in the real world. Say for example you’re unsure what colour to paint your living room, then you needn’t worry about gathering paint samples and painting patches all over your walls. With augmented reality all you need to do is open up an app on your smart device, select the colour paint you would like and then point your device at the wall you would like to paint and hey presto your wall is now blue. Don’t like the blue, no problem swap it out for another colour. The best part of it all is that you get to see an entire room painted and when you’re finished choosing the colour you are not left with all those patches of sample paint dotted around the wall. Augmented reality doesn’t stop at paint, other companies are using it to help customers choose furniture, windows and other home improvements.

So why not find out what technology can help you with today.

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Dom Sumner

Assistant IT Manager

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