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Land Compensation & Compulsory Purchase

Tue 7 April 2015

The world of Land Compensation and Compulsory Purchase is varied and many farming clients will come into contact with it at some point during their working lives. The most common contact is the laying or repair of water or gas pipes or even BT or electricity cables. Occasionally, some landowners may even have part of their property acquired for road schemes or other such public works.


The law and procedures governing Land Compensation & Compulsory Purchase is complex due to the fact that it has developed over at least 200 years and is spread across multiple statutes, statutory instruments and case law. 

However, McCartneys has developed a real specialism in this area and over the last few years has been involved in representing private clients on some of the largest infrastructure projects in mid Wales. These projects have included gas & water pipelines, electricity cables, road improvement works, renewable energy schemes and much more.

Above are a few photographs that were taken last year on a medium sized drainage & pipe scheme on which McCartneys acted on behalf of a private client. The works were undertaken by a utility company as part of a reinstatement programme after the construction of a gas pipe. The large yellow machine is a ‘trencher’ used for land drainage, with the small red machine being a ‘tracked dump truck’ used to reduce soil compaction/damage.

The role of McCartneys is to make sure that our clients are fully aware of their rights and that they are not financially disadvantaged because of any works. No matter how small the scheme, it is important that landowners obtain professional advice. This is because the impact of works can be long lasting. The cost of professional representation should not be a factor for not obtaining advice, as these costs are sustained by the authority doing the works.

For independent advice from experienced professionals, please contact a member of our Rural Professional Department 

Simon Edwards MRICS, IRRV - Brecon Office (01874) 610990 or (07814) 475839

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