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Livestock Matters!

Mon 27 July 2020

Very regrettably it takes a pandemic on the scale experienced by Covid-19 to bring reality back to the nation (and even the world) in relation to a healthy balanced diet and the need for the supply chain to continue even in the face of adversity and not inconsiderable risk to key workers in all parts not only the health sector but, as importantly the food chain.

In recent months livestock, particularly cattle (and by implication farmers) have been lambasted by just about every brainless “being” from so called eminent scientists to politicians, let alone school children revved up by the media point the finger at cattle for “screwing up” the environment – can you believe adult people are that detached from the real world let alone the hypocrisy from public figures/personalities.

When aeroplanes stopped flying and cars were parked in garages – surprise, surprise the environment started to recover in a very short time even though cattle still grazed and performed their bodily functions. It would be interesting to get a particular Formula 1 drivers opinion on that now – on reflection no thank you!!

Having hopefully put that issue “to bed” the main event is supplying the vast majority of our nation with meat (red and white) to enable everyone to have a healthy, balanced diet for well-being. Not for many years has this requirement been so pronounced and valued by the general public. Demand has for the time being, moved away from eating out to eating in but, there appears on the surface to be a much more positive attitude to meat and all advantages a meat based diet provides.

I hope that you are, as we are, PROUD to be involved in the livestock sector and supply chain.

Don’t expect any thanks when everyone’s fridges are full but, reality is fragile and never far away.

Clive C Roads

Chairman - McCartneys

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