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Ludlow Store Report 27th April 2018

Fri 27 April 2018

A good crowd of buyers for a varied yard of cattle on offer. Reach different section had good competition with a range of buyers. Next sale: Friday 11th May – where good numbers of cattle will be needed.

BREEDING CATTLE: A good lot of cows and calves on offer all of which found new homes. Plenty of buyers looking to add to their herds. More cows and calves needed for Friday 11th May.

OTM FEEDING CATTLE: 20 grazing cows on offer, all keenly competed for. Cows topped at £1050 or 1.69.0p/kg to average £832 or 1.34p/kg. More OTMs needed for Friday 11th May with buyers guaranteed.

FEEDING BULLS: The section that keeps growing with buyers present for best suckled types, dairy sorts and bulls with age. Bulls topped at £1110 or 2.70p/kg to average £720 or 2.10p/kg. Many more needed for Friday 11th May.

HEIFERS: Buyers present for strong bulling heifers, feeding types and grazing sorts. A good mix of heifers all having a range of buyers to bid for them. More heifers could have easily been sold. Heifers peaked at £1155 or 2.62p/kg to average £790 or 2.00p/kg. It should be noted a number of the entry were native sorts.

STEERS: A good selection of steers on offer with a definite split of grazing and feeding types. Plenty of buyers looking. Steers reached £1100 or 3.06p/kg to average £835 or 2.05p/kg. More needed for Friday 11th May.

NEXT SALE FRIDAY 11th MAY 2018: If you have any cattle to sell please call Ludlow Market with your entries or Michael Thomas on 01584 872251 WORK or 07890 898239 MOBILE or 01568 750402 HOME

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