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Ludlow Store Report 9th March 2018

Fri 9 March 2018


FEEDING COWS: A good entry of feeding cows topped at £1050 or £1.89p/kg to average £802 or £1.37p/kg. More OTM feeding cattle needed for the next sale, Friday 23rd March.

FEEDING BULLS: Nothing short of phenomenal once again. Not enough bulls on offer for the buyers present. Bull reached £1130 or £2.77p/kg to average £883 or £2.24p/kg. More bulls needed for Friday 23rd March. Ludlow has buyers for all types and sorts.

FEEDING HEIFERS: Strength and style was the order of the day with feeding and grazing buyers out in force. Several native sorts in the entry all finding new homes. Heifers peaked at £1340 or £2.65p/kg to average £822 or £199p/kg. More feeding and bulling heifers needed for Friday 23rd March.

STEERS: As with the heifers, a good show of steers on offer. A few more grazing men ring side helped drive demand. Steers made up to £1255 or £2.66p/kg to average £895 or £203p/kg. More could have been sold.

NEXT SALE FRIDAY 23rd MARCH 2018: This does not clash with Brecon so all buyers will be present. If you have any cattle to sell please call Ludlow Market with your entries or Michael Thomas on 01584 872251 WORK or 07890 898239 MOBILE

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