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Ludlow Store Report Friday 13th July 2018

Wed 13 July 2016

BREEDING STOCK: A lot of interest in the cows and calves on offer with the sale ring full of people looking. Cows and calves topped at £1600.00. More needed for Friday 27th July.

FEEDING BULLS: A super entry of bulls on offer, selling to a good crowd of buyers. Bulls reached £1135.00 or 296.0p/kg to average £818.00 or 209.0p/kg. Many more bulls needed for Friday 27th July as barley starts to fill barns.

FEEDING HEIFERS: Stronger feeding sorts, very similar trade to how they have been all season. Smaller, not very well bred sorts would take a price reduction with the weather starting to take hold. Heifers peaked at £1100.00 or 250.0p/kg to average £702.00 or 181.0p/kg. More heifers needed for the next sale Friday 27h July.

FEEDING STEERS: As with the heifers stronger feeding types were the same level as they have been, however smaller long term keep sorts are less money. Steers made to £1140.00 or 216.0p/kg to an average £876.00 or 188.0p/kg. More steers needed for 27th July 2018.

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