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Ludlow Store Report Friday 22nd June 2018

Fri 22 June 2018

As we hit mid-summer a few new faces around the ring trying hard to buy cattle. The trade was firm throughout and more cattle could easily have been sold.

FEEDING BULLS: A solid trade on all bulls forward. Bulls topped at £1265.00 or 273.0p/kg to an average of £906.00 or 216.0p/kg. More bulls needed for Friday 13th July.

FEEDING HEIFERS: A good lot of heifers on offer with a trade to match. Heifers peaked at £1075.00 or 258.0p/kg to average £762.00 or 206.0p/kg. More needed for Friday 13th July.

STEERS: Buyers still looking for grazing and yarding sorts with keen bidding on all steers forward. Steers made to £1120.00 or 275.0p/kg to average £813.00 or 199.0p/kg. Next Sale: Friday 13h July – many more needed.

NEXT SALE FRIDAY 13th JULY 2018: If you have any cattle to sell please call Ludlow Market with your entries or Michael Thomas on 01584 872251 WORK or 07890 898239 MOBILE or 01568 750402 HOME

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