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Ludlow Store Report Friday 25th May 2018

Fri 25 May 2018

BREEDING STOCK: A really good entry of cows and calves forward made to £2080.00. Plenty of buyers looking to add to herds this spring. Older cows with good calves at foot made from £1150.00 to £1500.00. Many more needed for Friday 8th June. O.T.M.S: Several grazing cows forward again met with a solid trade. This section keeps growing, if you have cows that would graze on please think about it. Cows peaked at £940.00 or 164.0p/kg to average £721.00 or 122.0p/kg. More needed for Friday 8th June.

FEEDING BULLS: Not as many on offer as past sales but buyers present as normal. This weeks entry included several dairy types and older sorts. Young bulls made to £1100.00 or 285.0p/kg to average £730.00 or 210.0p/kg. Next Sale: Friday 8th June – many more needed.

HEIFERS: A good yard of heifers on offer, with buyers being a bit more selective on quality and wanting a bit more size as the season progresses. Having said this there was keen bidding all the way through. Heifers reached £1090.00 or 252.0p/kg to average £735.00 or 200.0p/kg. Next sale: Friday 8th June – More feeding and bulling heifers needed.

STEERS: A good show of steers being sold to a good crowd of buyers. It is very important for vendors to declare the sires name if selling Hereford and Angus. Steers peaked at £1070.00 or 238.0p/kg to an average of £810.00 or 205.0p/kg. More needed for 8th June.

NEXT SALE FRIDAY 8th JUNE 2018: If you have any cattle to sell please call Ludlow Market with your entries or Michael Thomas on 01584 872251 WORK or 07890 898239 MOBILE or 01568 750402 HOME

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