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Ludlow Store Report Friday 28th July

Fri 28 July 2017

FEEDING BULLS: A good selection of bulls on offer met with a nice trade on all types and sizes. Bulls topped at £1140.00 or 262.0p/kg to an average of £835.00 or 218.0p/kg.

HEIFERS: Once again, young Continental bred suckled heifers had their own market as fat prices. Feeding heifers again were dear with several buyers looking for yarding cattle ready for Christmas. More heifers of all types and sizes needed for the next sale. Heifers topped at £1115.00 or 263.0p/kg to an average of £770.00 or 203.0p/kg.

STEERS: Another good selection of steers, with several runs of natives making a premium. As with the heifers, buyers looking for yarding cattle to house. Top price was £1225.00 or 264.0p/kg to average £812.00 or 193.0p/kg. Many more needed for the sale on Friday 11th August.

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