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Ludlow Store Report Friday 28th September 2018

Fri 28 September 2018

STORE CATTLE - A good crowd of buyers in Ludlow, all looking for cattle to feed over the winter months. A two tier market looks to be developing with feed prices continuing to rise. Better breed strong types were easily sold.
FEEDING COWS (OTMS) If you have cull cows that are coming in a bit on the lean side, then please consider this section.
FEEDING BULLS A part of the sale that goes from strength to strength. Even with strong grain prices buyers are committing to feeding bulls. Please remember that farm assurance is very important with the 90 day residence period. Bulls topped at £1,200 or 2.38ppk and averaged £840 or 1.98ppk (to include dairy types)
FEEDING HEIFERS A mixed yard with some good strong feeding sorts all selling well and some other types showing the effects of the summer weather. Having said this, Ludlow has buyers for all types. Heifers reached £1,120 or 2.20ppk to average £730 or 1.85ppk (to include dairy and native sorts)
FEEDING STEERS 100% clearance with buyers gaining a premium for the quality on offer. Steers made £1,170 or 2.23ppk to average £830 or 1.86ppk

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