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Ludlow TB Restricted Store Report 20th April 2018

Fri 20 April 2018

A good entry for the second April sale of 129 cattle.

STEERS: The steers on offer topped at £1165.00 or 244.0p/kg to an average of £1085.00 or 220.0p/kg.

HEIFERS: As with the steers, some excellent sorts on offer peaking at £1085.00 or 241.0p/kg to an average of £919.00 or 202.0p/kg.

BULLS: This was a split sale as half the entry were suckler bred and the other half dairy types. Having said this there was keen bidding. Bulls topped at £950.00 or 205.0p/kg. Next sale Friday 18th May 2018 Please give DEFRA plenty of time to issue licences.

Ludlow TB Store Report 20 04 18.pdf
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