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McCartneys Prove Their Diversity

Fri 13 September 2013

McCartneys sale of art and antiques on 17th October at The Portcullis Saleroom in Ludlow will be dominated by an excellent house clearance from a property near Welshpool.


The 17th century cottage has remained practically untouched by the hand of progress and modernisation for decades and promises to yield a splendid eclectic collection for the sale.

Daniel Fielder, auctioneer, commented “I was asked recently to visit the property to assess the contents and had some difficulty in finding it, situated as it is, tucked away at the bottom of a meadow surrounded by trees, not visible from the road.

I was very glad I did though.  As soon as I entered the cottage and my eyes adjusted to the gloom, it was obvious that this was a house contents the like of which auctioneers see rarely these days.

Picking my way cautiously over the detritus of ages, I spied an early 18th century press cupboard and gingerly opened a door.  It was crammed to capacity with antique ceramics and glass, all under a thick coating of dust.  The drawers were the same.  Another piece of furniture, a desk this time, full of interesting items.  Looking up, I spotted a set of four 19th century gilt framed hunting scenes.  This theme continued as I travelled from room to room.

Emerging into the sunlight and leaving the little cottage to its slumber once more, I reflected on how much I would look forward to the monumental task of sorting, researching and cataloguing its treasures and also how lucky I feel to have such a fascinating job”.

Daniel Fielder can be contacted on 01584 878822

McCartneys also have the property For Sale by Public Auction on Saturday the 19th October.

For more information about the property or the auction please click on the following link #HiddenGem or contact Mr Tom Carter on 07855 834282 or

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