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My Adventure Led Me Here

Wed 27 June 2018

When I receive a sales enquiry from a client wishing to relocate from the City, I can completely understand. In August 2017, I knew absolutely nothing of Knighton, by September 2017 we’d made an offer, through McCartneys, on a Cottage.

I still can’t believe what an absolute gem of a place we’ve found, and keep waiting to be ‘sent (back) to Coventry’.I’m a great believer in fate and it was bizarre how things kept falling into place. Our house sold in 2 days, a lady came forward to take over my business and our offer on the Cottage was accepted.

As can be usual with any property transaction, things didn’t go completely to plan. The elusive form/piece of paper/contract, did it’s usual disappearing act, in a legal office, and had to be redone, I’m sure you get my drift. However Carly, who was handling our sale at the Knighton Office, went above and beyond to smooth the way as best as possible. 

We arrived here on the 3rd November 2017, dog hanging out of my car window, my brother driving a truck that could barely fit down the lane, my husband and his van packed like Tetris, and my son acting as a lead car to the convoy. Covered in last-minute-clean-the-house-where-the-sofa’s-been debris, hair hanging out of what was once a ponytail, I ran into McCartneys to pick up our keys… and a very well thought of, congratulatory bottle of wine, accompanied by a big smile and welcome from Sarah who was sat behind the desk.

That night, in the middle of an avalanche of boxes, eating the best fish & chips we’d had in ages, we realised we were well and truly Home.

Having been made to feel so welcome, I’d pop my head around the McCartneys door to say hello when I was passing. Carly was expecting her first baby and was blooming beautifully.

Sometime later I noticed an advert in The Mid Wales Journal for Maternity Cover at McCartneys. It  had always felt so friendly in the office I thought I’d give it a try. I officially started on the 12th March.

I really enjoy being part of the team. We all muck in here, pardon the pun. If the phone is ringing for agriculture then I’ll help too. The terms  Tegs, Hoggets, Lamb at foot, British Blue etc. are now completely normal. Who’d have thought?

My biggest focus though, is that I endeavour to make things as smooth as possible for other people embarking on a new adventure. I understand completely what’s involved with selling a property that’s been a huge part of your life, or buying to take on a new adventure. Buying a home has to be done from the heart, buying a property is done by the head. It’s an important combination.

Of course selling is what we do, but the care in doing so is what makes us different.

Andrea Rimmer (pictured above) - Knighton Office 01547 528621

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