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Planning Permission Obtained for Agricultural Workers Dwelling in Open Countryside Location

Tue 10 December 2019

Following the successful approval of an outline planning application for an agricultural workers dwelling by the McCartneys Rural Department, the McCartneys Planning and Survey department progressed the application by obtaining approval of reserved matters for a 3-bedroom dwelling in an open countryside location in Herefordshire

Very strict planning policies, at government and local level, are not usually in support of development in open countryside, that is any development situated outside of an established settlement, which often results in planning permission refusal. McCartneys Planning and Survey department succeeded in manoeuvring around development restrictions enshrined within planning policies and achieved planning permission success. The new agricultural workers dwelling when constructed will provide a valuable asset to the farm business.

The reserved matters application was prepared and submitted to the council by Steven Horne whom covers Herefordshire and the surrounding counties working from the Planning and Survey department, at McCartneys Kington and Hereford offices.  If you have any projects which you would like to discuss further contact Steven Horne on 01432 343456 or email
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