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Should We Do Any Work Before Putting the House on to the Market?

Tue 13 March 2018

One of the most common questions which I’m asked whilst visiting properties is “should we do any work before putting the house on to the market?” 

Depending on the specific property and specific work required, people are pleasantly surprised when my answer is often, 'no'.

Often the topic of kitchens and bathrooms comes up. This is of course extremely subjective as everyone’s tastes are different. As long as the facilities function and are clean and tidy, then there is little merit in spending good time, money and effort changing things as it is unlikely that you will see back what you spend when you sell the house!

I have even seen a vendor replace their kitchen prior to a sale, fail to recover the cost on the final sale price and then for the new owner to take the kitchen out and replace it purely because it was not to their taste!

As the home owner, you are probably more conscious than anyone else would be about jobs that may need addressing. Remember, your purchaser is most likely going to be looking at the space on offer and how they can use it to suit their requirements!

The advice is to always be careful what you spend as you may not see the money back and take professional advice from a reputable agent/chartered surveyor.

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