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So when's the best time to put your house on the market?

Thu 11 June 2015

Well as soon as possible, that’s when!

Gone are the seasonal barriers to selling. If you want to sell your house the most important factor is to get it on to the market so that buyers can see it.

If it’s available you stand a much better chance of someone finding it. View over 1000 properties now on Of course we also advertise all of our properties on &

Over the last 5 years we have observed a rather interesting pattern of buying in Shropshire.

The early spring and spring/summer markets are famous for the largest number of new property listings. This however misses the vital timing of when the largest number of sales occur.

After a brief analysis it is clear to see that sales take place all year round with only a very slight bias towards the summer months. In fact to demonstrate, in December 2013 McCartneys Craven Arms completed on more sales than in the spring and summer combined. Further to this September 2014 was the best month of the year in Church Stretton. It was also very noticeable that a lot of activity took place in the Autumn and also a large number of buyers registered in October of last year.

There is no doubt that properties look their best when the garden is green and there is a blue sky and when the nights are lighter etc. What we have observed however is that buyers seem to be less seasonally ‘sensitive’ than perhaps it is understood.

So if you think you have missed the boat, or you are waiting until Easter 2016, be aware that with the majority of activity in the property market occurring outside of the so called spring market, there are always large numbers of buyers looking to move to the area.

At the beginning of my career I once heard an agent comment: If they really want it, they will buy it on Christmas Day and complete on New Years Eve! 

The calendar of selling uncertainty

January – no too cold

February – no still snowing.

March – isn’t it a bit early

April – waiting on the garden

May – what bank holiday?

June – we’re off on holiday

July – the summer will be here shortly…

August – Is it really already the school holidays?

September – back to school and a bit late in the day now.

October – Autumn market… Halloween. No thanks

November – Far too cold and it’s too dark!

December – Let’s wait until after Christmas!

If I can say one thing it is that property sales are never the same and always require some flexibility – so don’t waste too much time trying to get your timing absolutely spot on.

Invest your time in finding the right buyer.

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Sam Wood, BSc (Hons), MNAEA -

Branch Manager Church Stretton (01694 722288) & Craven Arms (01588 672385)

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