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The Importance of Perfect Property Presentation

Wed 24 April 2019

In order for any seller to achieve the best possible price for their home they need to ensure the first impression their property gives a buyer needs to be perfect at three key stages throughout the marketing and selling process.

Step 1) Normally, the initial piece of marketing material a buyer see’s is a photograph, normally of the property itself, sometimes a view or a particularly impressive room, whichever it may be the initial photograph needs to be first class and needs to make a buyer want to look at more. I feel you can capture a buyer in this instance or lose them completely. Buyers see photographs in all sorts of places such as glossy magazines, newspapers, office windows and of course online. Whichever photograph is seen first it needs to give a buyer an appetite to look at more or they will move onto the next property.

Step 2) A quality brochure with lots of photographs is essential. Hopefully by now you will have ensured you have the best photographs possible; the next step is to display them on an easy to digest, reader friendly sales brochure. I feel a lot of buyers these days look at the price, photographs and floor plan and normally they know if the property is of interest before they’ve read a word of text. Over more recent years we have moved away from listing every last bit of detail in a brochure such as double plug sockets and TV points as a lot of buyers now just want to see more photographs and read about impressive features only. I’ve always said your sales brochure is your calling card so it is very important to get this element right in order to maximise the interest in your property which will ultimately result in the best sale price possible.

Step 3) Last and certainly not least is presenting your property correctly for viewings. Over my 18 years in estate agency, if I got a pound for every time I heard someone say ‘that property will sell itself’ then I wouldn’t still be working. Sometimes I think this is true, certain properties will sell themselves, but not necessarily for the best price possible. In order for any seller to achieve the maximum value of their home they need to present the property correctly for viewings. Of course, having some fresh bread baking in the oven will help, but we haven’t always got the time to do such things so making sure the property has been decluttered, depersonalised and thoroughly cleaned is so so important. Again, first impressions count for a lot and potential buyers can lose interest very quickly if they think it’s not quite right. One other useful point is to ask an impartial friend to look at your property from the outside to check there is nothing to improve from the exterior. Kerb appeal is extremely important as a lot of buyers will drive by a property to check on the surroundings and the area, if the property doesn’t impress at the stage then don’t expect them to come back for a viewing. As for any potential buyers who do come to view then you want them thinking/saying ‘wow this is nice’ when they pull onto the driveway and not making a list of jobs they need to do before they’ve even got out of the car as they could lose interest before they step foot through the door.

At McCartneys we offer a wide range of marketing packages which include professional photography, a wide range of bespoke sales particulars and we can even arrange for home dressing through our Fine & Country service. We strive to present and market our properties to the highest level as we know this is what needs to be done to get the best price for our clients.

Any sellers who may be reading this, then I hope you have found it useful, if you are thinking of selling your property then please contact your local McCartneys office for professional advice with no obligation.


Jamie Tulloch

Welshpool Office (01938) 531000


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