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The Leader vs The Chaser

Mon 18 May 2015

It has been stated that Estate agents are as popular as Traffic wardens in the UK however we are not all the same.

As an independent agent we are able to provide our clients with a personal service. We are not burdened by targets to achieve and therefore are able to commit 100% of our time to our vendors. 

The other side of the coin sees our competition having to jump through hoops to fulfill their targets and to do so resort to tactical play to try and achieve. So sad but so true! So often do our vendors bring in business cards with ‘Do you wish to sell, call me’ etched across. A recent scenario we encountered was a vendor whom we brought to market, sold within 7 days and they were a few days off completion when they visited our offices with a letter in hand and a wide smile.

‘We thought we would bring this in for you to see’ the letter from agent ‘x’ addressed to The Homeowner went on to read …we see that you have been trying to sell your house with Phipps & Pritchard with no success please contact us….

Our vendor felt the need to take their letter and update them just how fast we did indeed sell them. Back to key elements – Research, a wonderful tool!

Basic preparation, a trusted brand, honesty, knowledge and experience of our market place and that around us assist us to be leaders in our field. 

Zoe Herbert DipREA FNAEA - Kidderminster Office (01562 822244)

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