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The Property Market in August

Tue 2 September 2014

August can be a very funny month in the property world. It is incredible how so many external factors affect our industry but summer holidays are certainly one of those influences. Further, there are of course so many factors which affect how people holiday, from the weather to the economy. All of these things can have an impact on the property market over the summer months.


Generally speaking we have found over the past few years that August presents the calm before the storm. It is a quieter month whilst families enjoy their summer holidays be it in the UK or abroad and generally people have better things to do than go house hunting. September  offers something very different; Once the children are back at school and people are back in their normal routines, thoughts inevitably turn winter and what better time of year to move house and be in a new home for Christmas. So September can be an extremely busy month for us as the three or four months between now and Christmas present a perfect time frame to sell a house, find a new one and move in before the festivities begin.

This year August was a little different in our Newtown office. Whilst looking at some facts and figures I noticed that our viewing numbers for August were extremely healthy, in fact we had more viewings take place last month than we have in any August since 2011. Of course the more viewings you have the more likely you are to sell property and this also rang true with sales agreed in August this year at a higher level than any August since 2007. Some very positive news indeed and it will be extremely interesting to see if the traditional September activity comes in as predicted, it could be a very busy end to the year for us here in Mid Wales!


Tom Carter - Newtown Office (01686) 623123

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