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Twenty First Century Countryside

Fri 11 May 2018

What do drones, driverless cars and cloud computing have in common?  They are three of the 10 key drivers for rural change as identified by the global policy forum, the OECD, which held it’s 11th Rural Development Conference 9-12 April.


Organised by the OECD, the conference was hosted by the Scottish Government, European Commission and the UK Government and brought together leading policy makers, the private sector and renowned experts to share experiences and good practice on issues related to innovation in rural areas.

As well as discussing the development of policies around the 10 key drivers of rural change, they also discussed job creation, economic growth, and service delivery, in order to help rural areas succeed in an ever more complex, dynamic and challenging world.

The message was clear successful rural communities will be outward-looking and engaged in regional, national and international markets. 

Here at McCartneys we always take an outward looking approach and are utilising new technology to its fullest, including drones, although we haven’t quite got to driverless cars yet!

Click on the below PDF to view in more detail or to read more about the ten key drivers for rural change and the work of the OECD click the link


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