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Welshpool's Best Month Yet - The Facts and Figures

Tue 2 July 2013

Producing statistics can be an arduous task and can often also be very subjective depending on what the statistics are designed to illustrate and of course who is producing them.


Here at McCartneys we don’t hide behind manipulated figures, what is the point in that? Facts are facts however good or bad they may be and what you see is what you get.

I have just been poring over the figures produced by our Welshpool office for June this year and was very pleased with what I found:
June saw the Welshpool office exchange contracts on the highest combined value of properties sold since it’s opening in 2011. It also saw the ratio between viewings to sales agreed STC reduce to 10:1 and finally of note was the instruction to completion rate which for June was at 70%.

For anyone selling at the moment these figures should be deeply encouraging as they suggest that there are more transactions taking place, it is taking fewer viewings than in previous months to find a buyer and that a large percentage of properties coming onto the market with our Welshpool office are going through to completion.

For further information on the services offered by our Welshpool office please contact Tom Carter
01938 531 000
07855 834 282

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