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What Is My Target Market and Who Is My Buyer Likely to Be?

Fri 23 March 2018

This is a question which I’m often asked when clients are considering the sale of a property and I have to say that the answer has become more and more protracted over the years.

This used to be quite straightforward, for example, if selling a bungalow it was likely that your purchaser would be a retiring couple from within the immediate region. A flat would likely sell to a local first time buyer, a detached house or larger semi detached property would probably be the target of a young family taking a step up the ladder and so on.

Things have changed considerably over the last few years. Mid Wales is undoubtedly on the global radar, something which I never thought I would hear myself say in years gone by. We are regularly seeing people move into our beautiful area from outside, be this elsewhere in the UK or even further afield, with sales in the last twelve months to people from all over Europe, South Africa, the USA and the Middle East. Absolutely fascinating!

In addition, the type of buyer for any given property has also changed. No longer are bungalows just for people of retirement age, with many families seeing the benefit of single storey living. Flats and small houses are now purchased by investors as often as first time buyers and many of our detached town properties and smaller country properties are being purchased by people downsizing or retiring to the area. Your buyer could literally be anyone and come from anywhere!

So the important thing when considering a sale is to choose the agent who entirely understands their market and the influences on a local, regional and national level, as well as being able to give your property exposure locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally!

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