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What makes a house a home?

Tue 14 August 2012

Following a recent trip to Weston Park I was asked to write an article on my experience by Border Publishing to feature in their Welsh Border Life publication. Whilst waxing lyrical about the wonderful stay at this most impressive property, I found myself asking what makes a house a home?


The question came about as I recalled how the imposing stately house actually had an incredibly warm, cosy and homely feel to it. Far from being uninviting, cold and rambling Weston had a wonderful balance between it’s family history, the character and identity of each and every room and it’s modern day commercial use.

That was it, suddenly it struck me, it was the character, history, identity and story that each room offered that somehow turned this wonderful building into a home and not just a house.

Here at McCartneys we certainly try to sell homes and not houses. We attempt to make purchasers realise that is not just the bricks and mortar of a building which make it what it is. People are in fact buying a lifestyle, a feeling or perhaps a location. They might be buying their dream view, the vegetable garden that they have longed for, or maybe the paddock that means their daughter can finally have a pony.  Perhaps beams, an inglenook or a farm house kitchen with a proper pantry. Any of these things or a whole host of others could make a house a home for someone.

So the point is that when you decide to sell, make sure that you don’t just sell your house and be sure to employ an agent who knows how to sell your home!

Tom Carter - Welshpool Office (01938) 531000

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