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Who Said Moving Pictures Would Never Catch On?

Mon 10 September 2018

Here at McCartneys we are embracing videography, we understand its importance and effectiveness as a tool for conveying information in a captivating and informative way.


Nowadays everybody has a camera in their pocket, which is an impressive feat of engineering, if you compare it to the big camcorders of our past. Not only has the size been greatly reduced but the quality they can record at is phenomenal, with modern smartphones boasting 4K resolution recording capabilities. In the case of 4K you will have approximately 4,000 pixels along a horizontal line, in layman's terms the more pixels you have the better the image quality.

Having all this capability at your fingertips allows you to record anything, anywhere and that is why you will see a lot of videos recorded by the public, of big media events shown on the news channels. However, quality and convenience is not the only reason McCartneys has chosen to use video as a means to communicate; The quality and availability of high quality cameras is a big factor, but what use would it be if you had no means to publicise the video you have made. This is where the video platforms come in, here you have the likes of YouTube and Facebook as well as many others, providing a service for everybody to upload videos and share them with the whole world, which is great but the real beneficial factor of these platforms, is the community built within it. Here everybody is connected with their friends and families on social media where they can share videos, and this is one of the biggest reasons why McCartneys are utilising video more and more to broadcast to an audience! Important messages, such as our charity of the year interviews, can reach a wide audience by using the community spirit of social media to spread the message through friends and family who may then share again. Now your small audience has just exponentially expanded giving you a greater impact of the message you’re trying to spread, and this is the exact reason we are using video as a means of communication.

Dom Sumner

Assistant IT Manager

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