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Wondering How to Sell Your Breeding Bulls with Sales on Stop? Look No Further!

Wed 24 June 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19 the sales of breeding stock have been forced to a halt. This couldn’t have come at a worse time of year for pedigree breeders being prime time to sell bulls. However using the internet and adverts within our weekly market report I have managed to sell several bulls of different breeds and ages from all over Wales. We have sold Limousin Bulls in Pembrokshire, Charolais Bulls in Radnorshire, Limousin & Charolais Bulls in Montgomeryshire and several bulls throughout North Wales.

Bulls that we have sold this year have gone to new homes all over the Country. I am confident that we can sell any breed of bull providing they are priced realistically. I also note that buyers do not want the bulls to be over fat and would almost rather them in working clothes. A semen test and physical examination from a vet is often a very good selling point and I would recommend that al bulls sold have a test done.

A bull can for many farmers be the only animal brought into a closed herd, as many now breed their own replacements. When speaking to potential bull purchasers I often highlight the fact that it is essential they make the right choice as this will often be one of the most important purchases a farmer makes. With closed herds it can also help if the bulls are Lepto & BVD vaccinated/accredited and of course free from Johne’s.

If you have a bull or bulls to sell anywhere in Wales or the Border Counties then please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

To see examples of breeding stock available through us please visit our 'private sales' web page or our social media Facebook page. 

Lloyd Humphreys - 07534 532468 
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