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Woodland Creation Grants in Wales

Mon 20 April 2020

Payments of up to £4,500/ha are on offer in Wales for the creation of new woodland.

The scheme funds new woodlands, both grazed and ungrazed. You must plant a minimum of 0.25ha in the grant, with no maximum on the amount of new planting you wish to complete.

There are 4 categories of woodland planting available;

1.       Enhanced Mixed Woodland

2.       Native Woodland - Carbon

3.       Native Woodland - Biodiversity

4.       Agroforestry- Scattered Trees

Payment rates vary from £1,600/ha to £4,500/ha. In addition to the creation payment, a further £410/ha per annum is available for 12 years as an annual maintenance and annual premium payment (excl agro-forestry).

This scheme provides financial support for capital works such as fencing with grant rates of £3.48/metre.

You can plant small blocks to provide shelter belts, and through the agroforestry option scattered trees can be planted on permanent grassland which can continue to be grazed.

Deadline for applications 12th June 2020

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