Entitlement Trading

McCartneys will be trading English and Welsh Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) entitlements for the 2022 season. Clients will be able to check their entitlements on the Rural Payments online service in England and RPW online service in Wales from January 2022.

Please check these for spare entitlements to the land area you will be claiming in 2022 as these can be traded. It is also possible to lease as well as sell entitlements.

In Wales, the transfer window is open. The transfer deadline date is 15th May 2022. All entitlement transfers will have to be completed online in Wales. McCartneys can be appointed as your agent to do the transfer.

In England, entitlement statements should be available online in early 2022 and the transfer deadline date is 16th May 2022.

Vendors will need to add a McCartneys agent to their online account so that we can complete the forms for you.

In Wales the Redistributive payment is not included in the entitlement value, being additional payments over and above BPS value.

If you are looking to sell or purchase entitlements please contact us. We will add you to our trading register.

Wales - Please click here to print off the official Vendor Transfer Document & Instruction Form.

England - Please click here to print off the official Vendor Transfer Document & Instruction Form.


Currently Available

If you would like to speak to an Entitlements Professional at McCartneys then please contact one of the following trading offices:-

Jenny Layton Mills / Katie Morris / Ella Harris (Knighton Office) 01547 528621

Gareth Wall / Beth Gilbert (Kington Office) 01544 230316

Simon Edwards / Ellie Torrance (Brecon Office) 01874 610990

Phillip Blackman-Howard (Ludlow Office) 01584 813764

Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements For Sale by Private Treaty

Available in Wales - Welsh Basic Payment Entitlements For Sale

Available in England - English Basic Payment Entitlements For Sale