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A Day in the Life of an Estate Agent

Fri 24 April 2015

Many people think that we (as estate agents) turn up to our office at 9.00 make a few calls, sell a few houses and then swan off for lunch and a game of golf - but this couldn't be further from the truth.


Darren Thomas, Partner in charge of the Brecon office and an estate agent of 20 years (pictured above) provides a brief outline of a typical day.

"The alarm goes at 6.30 with a view of leaving the house for 7.45 to be in the office by 8.00 am.  The first hour I spend catching up before everyone gets to the office. The peace gives me time to dictate sales particulars of the houses I measured up the day before. Unfortunately many of my clients know I get in early and take the opportunity to ring me before things get busy.

The staff are all in by 9.00 which is when we go through the overnight emails requesting viewings or further details on property, typically, once the emails have been dealt with we have a quick meeting to agree a plan for the day and prioritise the work load.  Once we all know what we need to do there is little regularity to the rest of a day. 

For example, today I visited two properties to carry out an inspection and take measurements and photographs ready for preparation of draft sales particulars, these were completed by 12ish, then a 10 mile drive to another house to get outside photographs as the house faces south and it therefore looks best with midday sun. Onto the next appointment which is a viewing at 1.00pm eating a sandwich on the way to avoid wasting too much time, viewing over by 1.45.

Next appointment in office to meet a client to discuss a marketing strategy at 2pm, quick cup of tea and out again for two more accompanied viewings. Back to office for late afternoon to make calls and catch up with any offers and get feedback from those who have viewed our houses over the past few days which also needs feeding back to our clients. Early evening reading through draft sales particulars which had been typed during the day, selecting best photographs and prepare the floor plans, make any changes ready to be sent to the client in the next days post. Home at 7.45pm and ready for tea.

There is no such thing as a typical day, far from it, as long as we have prospective buyers or sellers we will accommodate their timeframe as best we can which means our appointments diary varies massively each day - so no three course lunch, no golf, just property!!"

A passionate property professional

To contact Darren please call 01874 610990 or email

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