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Basic Payment Scheme 2018/2019

Fri 7 September 2018

Autumn planting if not already started will soon be in full swing. The earlier dry conditions made for most farmers to enact an early harvest.


What do we need to think about prior to planting this autumn, where will our EFA (Ecological Focus Area) be and what options will we decide to use?

Those land owners with over 15 hectares of Temporary ground you need to have 5% of this area as EFA.I always work on 5.25% as a safeguard.

Hedges were used by many more farmers for the 2018 claim, this will I think prompt more inspections by the RPA which in turn may lead to penalties.

Whatever you are considering your local McCartneys land agent is here to help and advise, so give them a call.

Also any field boundary changes, buildings erected in fields, tracks etc we need to notify the RPA before they inspect you.

Also, currently most inspections seem to be for NVZ records, are yours up to date.??


Phil Blackman-Howard


01585 813764

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