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Don't Wait Until Next Spring

Mon 5 December 2016

When you read news articles that says ‘Housing transactions to drop over next two years in ‘tough times’,  we all buy into the idea that the housing market is on a downer, BUT don’t believe everything you read, remember headline grabbing articles sell papers.

This year has been a little unusual for us agents, the January rush when everyone bought to avoid the increase in Stamp duty for second homes, the quiet period that led up to the referendum on 23rd June, the panic that set in for the 6 weeks after the referendum and then the flurry of activity over the late summer and autumn.

And despite all the negative media we can happily report that the housing market is still bullish, we have had a really good selling month again this November and it is evident that there are still buyers out there looking for the right home. Viewing numbers are back year on year, but those that are viewing houses are more determined to buy than ever.

Many sellers have held back this year because of the uncertainty, but this has resulted in a lower supply of available homes for sale. Our advice to ‘would be’ sellers is speak to us now, don’t wait until next spring, if there is good demand in the market place take advantage of the situation. The possibility of the formal EU exit negotiations starting before the end of March 2017 may upset the housing market in the spring, so act now.

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