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Following in the footsteps of those before us…

Wed 20 April 2016

Established 1848 Phipps & Pritchard with McCartneys have been around property a very long time. In fact soon to be celebrating 170 years in Estate Agency.

It is the knowledge, experience and expertise of our teams past and present that precedes our brand and reputation. Looking back through our archives our foundations were strengthened by those names such as John Cory, Gerry Morris, David Ward, David Parker, Tim Elliott the pillars of their community whose honesty was respected and trusted.

There is nothing better when out on an appraisal to meet those who have sold with us many years prior or indeed their families and to reminisce of how the world used to be.

There has always been a defining difference between Estate Agents and their conduct and practice.  Currently we have The Independent, The Corporate and The Online Agent. Is there room enough for all? it would be good to see a level playing field when looking at both ethics and practice. Some base principles are regularly flouted and referred to as breeches under the Consumer Protection Regulations:

• Distributing leaflets to homes claiming that you have buyers lined up for these sorts of properties or that you have just sold a similar property when this is not true. 

• The use of phrases such as “…contact me urgently” on direct marketing material (business cards, compliment slips etc.) which could create a misplaced sense of urgency or importance (especially with reference to ‘vulnerable’ groups of consumers).  

A comment made recently by another agent when defending their fee was ‘Well, it’s not all about fee is it?’

That is correct, it is not all about fee. It is about what an agent can offer you and why they are different and for that I refer back to my predecessors. We have always maintained the same code of ethics ‘Good practice’.  It has certainly stood the test of time and why we have enjoyed 168 years in the business.

Certainly the driving force behind my passion and enthusiasm within the profession of Estate Agency is helping people achieve their dream. Everyone comes to the market driven by a different set of circumstances and challenges, we are there to assess, assist but most importantly to listen and to serve our community and our clients.

Zoe Herbert DipREA FNAEA - Direct Dial: 01562 826802 
PR & Sales Office Manager, Valuer 

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